Renovations & Extensions

Every space tells a story. At Mosmo Living, we help you to rejuvenate your space and enhance your home through our licensed renovation, extension and design services.

At Mosmo Living, we prefer to work from the inside out, designing and detailing important spaces and then approaching the construction phase, so we can deliver a seamless finished product. Whether you want the space to incorporate your existing furniture, or whether you’d like our help in furnishing the area, every Mosmo Living construction works to consider the entire process, unlike many pure renovation or extension projects.

From growing families to those finally venturing to mark off their ‘wish list’ of changes, Mosmo Living designs, drafts, constructs and manages the full span of every renovation and extension project; integrating newly designed spaces into the existing footprint of the home.

With considered floor plans and 3D renders, we are able to ensure all plans meet your approval, and all documentation is correctly factored to suit your space, incorporating layout, structure, lighting, electrical, plumbing, surfaces, and other key elements. This also enables us to provide you with accurate pricing and confidence before your renovation commences.

We are known for removing the delays in our renovation and extension constructions as we liaise with local councils, certifiers, engineers, soil reporting bodies, energy auditors (for 6-star energy ratings), surveyors and arborists, to name a few. Our full-service approach also leads to cost savings across the building and construction process as we’ve done this for years and our team members are experienced in managing efficient and highly compliant projects.