Our approach combines creative transformation with precision and functionality


We design spaces from the inside, out, allowing room for style, comfort and life. To us, our reputation as bold, transformative designers must be matched in equal part as practical and candid truthtellers.

We see our beloved designs come alive within our own process, so we conceptualise for reality. Connecting design, build, custom joinery and interior styling together in-house empowers us to design to real costs, avoid mistakes and delays in construction, and keep faithful to the vision of our client.


Construction is about the art of perfecting the finest details, something that every unique person in our team shares a passion for. From informing and closely following our extensive design work, to organising a tight schedule of trades, joinery, finishings, and more, we seek excellence.

Where other builders wait for joinery, we manage our own in-house. Alterations are not guesswork, but are made in concert with our designers. Throughout construction, we are precise in our time, collaborative in our approach, and meticulous in our planning.


As a full design, build and furnish service, it is our aim to elevate the time you and your family experience in your home. To create the space you envision, we find alignment in a range of elements including establishing mood, blending with existing aesthetics, providing livable comfort, ensuring project feasibility, respecting budget, and more. In this, furniture selection is vital.

From the earliest stages of design, we explore & compare the myriad of exclusive options we can access to find the right combination for your home.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

In our first meeting, you sit down with our team over a coffee in our studio. Throughout our discussion, we learn about your exciting ideas, lofty hopes, absolute must-haves, and the restrictions you are operating within - budgetary and more.

From us, you will receive a candid assessment on how your expectations match your restrictions, and an exhaustive summary of your options. We will explain the process of completing a master plan, and what you can expect from us throughout the design & build process. Should we be a good fit, we will send you a proposal document to peruse and sign if you wish to engage our services.

Devise the Master Plan

Beginning with a deep-dive briefing meeting, we take the time to understand what matters to you most, and collaborate to explore your options in achieving it. We place a strong emphasis on actual cost against your budget, and will shift, shuffle and mix ideas until we land on a few options that meet your requirements.

Throughout this process, we focus on creating the right aesthetic and mood of your space, and with clever interior design, and construction experience, create a Master Plan that fits your budget and adheres to your vision.

Ensure Council Approval

With your acceptance of the master plan, we begin the groundwork to seeing your dream come to fruition. The first of these steps is in creating and providing the documents needed for council planning approval.

We advocate for your needs and manage everyone and everything throughout your project, creating a stress-free experience where every little detail is completed by the book.

Create Working Drawings

With nothing but green lights on your project, our talented interior design team continues on through our main design phase. We create comprehensive documents that outline everything from the smallest detail to the overarching philosophies that bring everything into focus.

As an element of your build-ready plans, we perform custom joinery design through our in-house joinery studio. This alone gives us a major advantage in both cost and timeline over other designers. We take this efficiency and spread it through your project, creating clever, comprehensive quote-ready Working Drawings - which we deliver, in full, to you.

Draw a Precise Quote

Should you desire our continued partnership, and given full development approval, we begin to compile our comprehensive quote to price your Working Drawings. As a full design & build team, we can work with plans from another designer, though our expertise in clever design, comprehensive selection, and build-ready documentation will be missed.

Since our design work is so comprehensive, our estimator is able to draw a precise quote, leaving very few variations and unknown additions that other firms often rely on. We prioritise your understanding, so we will explain every decision, and show you exactly where we offer fixed prices rather than PC variables.

Begin Construction

If you accept our quote, our construction team takes the reins and begins the carefully planned, streamlined transformation of your beloved home, with many advantages over other builders. Not only is our design team in close contact to provide instruction and informed variation without delay, but they also benefit from priority joinery access through our in-house studio.

These advantages, along with our careful, meticulous planning, close attention to detail, and construction-informed design, are what allows Mosmo to offer the efficient, price-accurate, and vision-faithful service we love to give.

Introduce Furnishings

From the very beginning of your project, we aim to design for a comprehensive vision for your living space, which includes comfort and liveability for you and your family.  As a pivotal element of your design, we make furniture selections early, and design with a full picture.

With your construction complete, our pre-scheduled furnishings arrive in tandem with our design team to establish the perfecting touches.

Life-Ready Handover

Very little is more exciting than a transformative handover, and like most things at Mosmo, we add a little extra. We prepare our handovers to be the perfect capstone to your journey with us, and so we ensure that every detail is perfect for a ‘walk into life’ experience.

In your handover, you will join the interior designers who envisioned your new space as well as the construction team who built it to give you a full perspective on the style and function created in your home. To us, every project is just as personal as it is to you, and we endeavour to make this final step truly memorable.

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