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Our Brompton bungalow project saw the Mosmo team work from concept through to construction completion on an internal renovation and modest 120m2 addition. 

Critical to the project’s success was the creation of a seamless external connection between the original bungalow and the proposed addition. The client, having purchased the property a few years prior, had spent endless hours demolishing an existing brick paved garden to salvage all of the historic bricks for reuse. As respect to their labour of love, we utilised the 6500 hand washed bricks to successfully blend the old and new, adding an authenticity and beauty that would have been hard to achieve with any other external cladding.

Internally, the spaces needed a unique flow to support the client’s lifestyle, including careful consideration on how it may grow and change to keep pace with their next stages. As sympathetically as the connection between old and new was celebrated outside, internally there is a clear juxtaposition between the bungalow character elements, all painstakingly restored by the client, and the modern addition. 

Walnut timber detailing and varying shades of green spread throughout the interior elements to touch on the client’s love of mid-century modern furniture. Polytec’s Verdelho and Topiary were used in the kitchen, laundry and study, and complemented by the Dulux colour ‘Still’ on the ceiling internally and externally. Polytec blossom white with walnut handles have been used in the walk-in-robe and pantry, with a marriage of Polytec Florentine Walnut in square matte white tiles with curved detailing provide a subtle connection to the mid-century aesthetic. 

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